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Who is Spinning Shadows?


Good question! I'm so glad you asked!

I could weave a very elaborate thread about who and what this little company of mine is, but here's the simple version: Spinning Shadows is the way I share my creative passion with everyone else.

What started out as a Facebook page full of pictures and cute little snippets of life grew into a full blown LLC offering knitting patterns, digital artwork, wood turned items (including my favorite Pocket spindles!), and much more!


Focus? What's that?

My main goal is to keep learning!

Along with that comes the mission to pass along what I learn in the form of teaching! Whether in the form of classes, solo lessons, or online workshops, I happily aim to share what I've picked up along the way.

Long Term Goals

My current vision for the future is to build a fun and functional teaching studio and wood working shop that will serve as my base of operations when I'm not attending some awesome festivals!

While that goal is subject to change as things progress, I have hopes it will come to pass sooner rather than later.

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